Armenia (Hayastan)

  Armenia has a reputation for greeting its visitors with warmth and hospitality. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, one of the most ancient cities in the world, celebrating its 2785-th anniversary in 2003, has all the advantages of a modern capital city and boasts numerous historical attractions, together with a friendly atmosphere, which makes visitors feel at home.

  Yerevan is set among the Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 950 to 1200 meters above sea level, on the river Hrazdan. The climate is dry and strictly continental. From the balcony in Victory Park you gain an impressive view of the whole city, with the astonishingly beautiful snow-capped Mt. Ararat. Large squares, broad avenues, old churches, busy markets, shady gardens, parks with attractive fountains, and cafes are just a few of the amenities you will enjoy while visiting Yerevan.
  Armenia has many places of interest, but the cultural centre of the country is its capital. Most of the theatres, concert halls, museums and exhibitions are concentrated here. In the State History Museum of Armenia you will see ancient articles, discovered on the territory of present-day Armenia. You may also wish to visit famous Matenadaran - the Mesrop Mashtotc - Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, a unique depository and research centre with more than 16.000 precious documents in its collection. The famous citadel Erebuni, of both architectural and historical interest, has been partially restored and made into an open-air museum. There are 16 Armenian churches in Yerevan. In 2001 Armenian people are celebrating the 1700th anniversary of adoption of Christianity in Armenia. A special program of festivities has been worked out. It is also worth visiting the Wood Carvings Museum and House-Museums of famous Armenian contributors to world culture, such as Aram Khachatryan, Martiros Saryan, Sergey Parajanov and many others. You can also visit the Memorial to the Victims of the Genocide of 1915. Spendiarov opera in Yerevan is of world class and is housed in a building that is really an architectural delight.
  In Yerevan you will find accommodation to match your taste and budget. Modern hotels, cottages and apartments are available. You will appreciate the celebrated Armenian hospitality and the interesting combination of national and modern European cuisine. Don't miss the world-famous Armenian cognacs and delightful Armenian wines.
  Authentic, traditional Armenian food will contribute much to making your visit to Armenia an unforgettable one.

  The main cities: Giumri (previously Leninakan), Vanadzor (previously Kirovakan) destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1988 (it gave 30 000 of victims).

Natural conditions

  The country is situated in the north-eastern part of the Armenian upland restricted with mountains of Small Caucas (height 3000-4000 m). The highest peak is the dead volcano Aragats (4090 m). Seismically active and strong earthquakes (1988, 1993). Ararat valley is in the north-west part of the country.

  The main rivers: Araks, Akhurian, Hrazdan, Arpa, Vorotan. Lake Sevan is the biggest in Caucas.


  The climate is continental and dry. The average temperature on January is -5 - 0 C, and on July 24 - 26 C, in the mountains about 6 -8 C lower. The sum of annual falls is 2000 - 600 m, rain seasons - from November to May.

Map of Armenia

Armenian genocide of 1915

Armenian cross-stone

Armenian money - DRAM

Ararat (Masis)

Lake Sevan

Armenian gallery

Game - Backgammon (NARDI)

Capital of Armenia - Yerevan

Administrative building Administrative building

Fountain on Gai Square Fountain on Gai Square

Matenadaran - the Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran-the Mesrop Mashtots

Sports and Concerts Complex Sports and Concerts Complex

The Komitas Chamber Music House The Komitas Chamber Music House

Monument to David of Sasun Monument to David of Sasun

Monument to Vardan Mamikonyan

Monument to Vardan Mamikonyan

Palace of Youth

Palace of Youth

Dvin Hotel Dvin Hotel

Yerevan Polytechnical Institute Yerevan Polytechnical Institute

Yerevan State University Yerevan State University

Erebuni Museum Erebuni Museum

Garni - Heathen temple Garni-Heathen temple

Gegard - Architectural complex Gegard-Architectural complex

Echmiadzin - Cathedral Echmiadzin - Cathedral

Airport "Zvartnotc"

Photos from historical Armenia


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